Working the Channels

Carol Brzozowski

For erosion control specialists, channel stabilization can bring a host fo challenges. Working around water means choosing solutions that will be durable and environmentally friendly at the same time. Approached may include the combination of hard and soft armor or vegetative techniques.

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Bergen Basin Sewer Reconstruction

David Watson, Mott MacDonald, Matthew Cruz

Sometimes Big Problems Require Small Solutions – Microtunneling in New York City Reduces CSO Events

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JRCRUZ Celebrates 15 years in business

Anthony Attanasio

Over the last 65 years, the Cruz family has been one of the main players of the construction industry in the Northeast United States.

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Crossing the Belt Parkway

Jim Rush

JRCRUZ recently completed the Bergen Basin Sewer Reconstruction Project in Queens, New York. This project included the construction of 3 deep shafts below the groundwater table and approximately 1,000 feet of microtunneling 66.5 and 45.5 inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe.

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Certificate of Apprecation

The United States Marine Corps

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