Site Work

JRCRUZ Corp. offers a full variety of site work services including: Demolition, Mass Excavation including cut/ fill and grading, Import of Clean Materials, Disposal of Contaminated Materials, Installation of new utilities (water mains, storm and sanitary sewers, electric, communication, gas), Transportation & Safety Improvements, Best Management Practices (BMP's), Retention Ponds, Detention Ponds, Large and Small Scale Dewatering, Asphalt Paving, Concrete finish work such as Sidewalks and Curbs, Pavers, Stamped Concrete, ADA Handicap Ramps and Detectible Warning Surfaces.

Wastewater, Water Supply, & Stormwater

JRCRUZ delivers unprecedented expertise in water supply and wastewater pipeline projects. With over 50 years of experience our expert staff and key management have what it takes to build the job safely, on time and under budget. Our experience includes the successful delivery of the following items of work: Intake Structures, Water Storage Facilities, Transmission Lines, Flood Control Facilities, Drainage Channels, Box Culverts, Detention Basins, Storm Sewers, Sanitary Sewers, Collection Systems, Interceptors, Appurtenances/Special Structures, Pumping Stations, Force Mains, Metering Chambers, Outfalls, Sewer Chambers, Junction Chambers, Regulator Structures, Trunk and Distribution Water Mains.


JRCRUZ Corp. maintains a fleet of tunnel boring equipment capable of installing tunnels from 30-inch to 116 inch in diameter and in just about every geological condition. Our team of highly skilled professionals have the experience and knowhow that will ensure your project is handled according to the highest standards. We have completed many complex projects such as constructing deep underground shafts up to 110 feet deep and microtunneling below 50 feet of groundwater to microtunneling in hard rock such as 35,000 PSI Manhattan Schist. We have what it takes to get the job done right.

Private Utility Work

We here at JRCRUZ Corp. have many years of experience installing new private utilities such as electric conduits, telecommunications conduits, gas mains, steam systems etc. Our work experience includes but is not limited to: Duct bank installation, vault and chamber installation, oil-o-static, transmission pipelines, maintaining live facilities during construction, HDD Horrizontal Directional Drilling, etc. Please contact us for a list of qualifications and references.